Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Tools For The Beginner

Starting a coin collection?  Here are a few tools that you need:

1: Albums to put your coins in:  There are a lot of different brands, use which ever one you like.

2:  Catalogs to tell you how much their worth:  The Guidebook Of U.S Coins, AKA The Redbook, is a must have if you are collecting U.S. Coins.

3: If you have loose coins, I use 2X2 Flips. You just put the coin in the middle, fold the flip over, and staple.
    I put them in plastic pages with pockets and store them in a binder. Same for my Currency collection.

4:  You might want to invest in a good safe (as I have), or a safe deposit box at your local bank, for security
      security's sake.

5: And to keep track of what coins you have, there are several software programs, which I don't use, or books where you can write down what you have.

6: A subscription to a magazine such as Coins Magazine, which can give you more tips.

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